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With Christmas less than 2 weeks away... it's time to book those Pilates classes, Massages and essential Physio sessions

All our Clinics are open until 4pm Friday 22nd December, with some open Sat 23rd morning

Between Xmas and New Year we have London covered... with 6 Clinics open

mamaTrideToday we feature Lulu Adams, a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based on the Isle of Wight who believes strongly in the benefits of maintaining a good level of fitness throughout pregnancy and beyond. For this in-depth article, she has teamed up with Clare Bourne, a Women’s

Fleet stGo Fleet St...

Endurance sports and triathlons affect the musculoskeletal system in a number of ways, and understanding why and how it adapts can help prevent future problems occurring, says physiotherapist Hayley Lord

Tri1.  Maintains and increases bone mineral density (BMD)

T1Transitions: The physiological changes your body goes through

Brick sessions are ideal for getting our body used to triathlon transitions, but what happens physiologically when you swap sports? Sarah Green, consultant rehab physio for Six Physio, explains...

Lands EndI just wanted to thank you for your help assessing my bike fitting and your strong words of advice not to mess with it - which I didn't!

It was all worth while as the ride was a big success. A rollercoaster of highs and lows: emotionally, physically, topographically and scenically.

S&C exercisesSarah Green explains how to reach peak fitness without getting injured @TriRadar

BikePain under or around the kneecap (patella) is a common cycling injury that can significantly hamper progress on the bike. It’s often diagnosed as ‘patellofemoral pain’, when the cartilage or underside of the kneecap becomes inflamed, or there is excessive friction as the patella moves up and down the femur.

SaturdayWe are meeting demand... with 6 Clinics open 6 Days a week

We all have very busy lives, and fitting our regular Pilates class or massage treatment into a working week can be tricky... plus we can get injured any day of the week!

Endurance exercisesMake sure your body is strong enough to cope with endurance running, says Six Physio’s Rachel McCulloch @TriRadar Triathlon Plus