Our Booking Portal

Web log onTo all New Patients: we do not currently have an Online Booking system for you: there is one under development and we aim to make this all-singing-all-dancing, but in the meantime please call your clinic of choice, call 020 7036 0286 or send us an email. Thank you for your patience.

To all our existing patients: there is so much you can do yourself without having to pick up the phone... see below:

Firstly you need to register, so please send a blank email to letmehaveago@sixphysio.com 
(This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and one of our staff will enable your account.) 

You will be issued with a randomised password which you will need in order to log in. We strongly suggest you change this password immediately to something you will remember. (Please note that all your details are encrypted.)

To access the system, please go to https://bookings.sixphysio.com and log in with the email address you gave the centre at the time of your booking and the issued password.


Web menuYou will be taken to your homepage, where there is every option you need to manage your physio treatment:

  • View all booked appointments and classes
  • Have a look at the exercises you were given, we wouldn't want you to forget them!
  • Book a new appointment or class: don't worry there is a confirmation screen before you Confirm!
  • Take a look at your financial account

We are continually looking to improve our web portal, and over the next few months our aim is to allow you to pass messages direct to your practitioner.

So don't delay... Email us now


Please note the staff in the clinics do not have access to your password. This means we will not be able to remind you of your current password! If you forget your password, we can easily issue you with a new randomised one. After this point, your old password will no longer work.