Corporate Physio

We can fulfill all your companies physiotherapy requirements either by running satellite clinics from your own offices, or offering discounted rates within any of our 10 London clinics.

Our promise... physio does work

  • Our clinics are staffed by some of the best physiotherapists in the country.
  • We have treated and cured over 100,000 people since 2002, but if we can't help we will refer your colleague to a medical professional who can.
  • With clinics across the Capital and appointments within 24 hours, Six Physio is definitely convenient.
  • We address the root cause of the problem and ensure patients get back to work and life as quickly as possible, but most importantly that they stay that way... Don't Treat, Cure.
  • Our approach is unique, our teamwork is seamless and our rehab team will give you the tools you need to progress your rehabilitation both at home & in your physio sessions.
  • Our technology enables you to book appointments online and take your exercises home on your phone... no excuses!

Our commitment to your company:

  • We use iPads to rigorously measure clinical outcomes to ensure the efficacy of our treatments and ensure value for money.
  • Reduce repeated episodes of treatment for the same condition.
  • We care about your team, but they are individual people and our job is to deliver a treatment plan to meet each specific patient's needs.
  • To offer interactive, informative and effective Health & Wellness days: a chance for all your employees to benefit from our expertise.
  • Our aim is to maintain the Gold Standard of physiotherapy that we have become known for and continue to get people better, quicker, faster.
  • Survey all our patients post treatment and act on all feedback... read and see for yourself!

We know what we are doing as we've done it before...

  • We run Satellite Clinics at 2 BNYM locations in London
  • We offer discounted Physio to the DMG Media group from our Kensington Clinic

The data to back it all up!

  • 30,600,000 staff sick days were taken in 2013 due to musculoskeletal conditions (such as back, neck and muscle pain)
  • 60% of all work-related illnesses are the result of back, neck or limb problems
  • 7.8 million people live with chronic back pain, with 49% of those diagnosed forced to take time off work

So... let us start saving you money

Drop us an email or give Tim Galliver a call on 07766 143480