Cycling Assessment

There are bike assessments and there are bike assessments. Some are very expensive and maybe designed to make you spend, others more dynamic to help you see what needs to be done and why. We’re more of the latter. 

Bike FitThe key to a successful bike assessment is to assess you, the rider, both on and off the bike.

If your bike is not fitted to you, you’re far more likely to develop problems later. If you cycle to work and wonder why your back, neck or knees hurt it maybe because of something simple like distance from your seat to handle bars. It may not be, but we can have a look at you and tell you why.

Your assessment will include:

  • a musculoskeletal assessment
  • video-motion analysis on the turbo trainer
  • a bespoke rehabilitation programme

The end result: your bike set up for you

Read about the assessment in more detail 

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