Hand Clinic

Hands are special, we take them totally for granted as power tools, communication aids, work or hobby equipment and expect them to be there whenever we need them.

So when a hand is injured the chances are you are limited in everything you want to do. Our Hand therapists, Emma and Alex, are specially trained physiotherapists who know your hand like the back of their hand!

We can help with problems which arise through trauma to the hand. We also deal with osteoarthritis, “repetitive strain”, nerve injuries, joint replacements and any aches or pains of the wrist and hand. 

Our patients can self refer and we will give advice or they may be sent via a Consultant surgeon. Whichever way you get to us we can help you restore your hand to normal function.

  • Splinting – we make custom splints in clinic or can provide ready made splints.
  • Treatment may include following a protocol from a surgeon: we will talk to your surgeon directly to make sure we know what has been repaired or replaced.
  • Work related hand pain – we can include ergonomic assessment of your workplace.
  • Pain management – a painful hand or wrist will not work, we will reduce the pain and restore your hand function.

Emma James and Alex Clark both treat from our Moorgate Clinic: if you have any questions please send them an email and one of them will get straight back to you.