Physiotherapy, London

We keep things simple. You’ll be told what your problem is in simple, plain English.

Life is complicated enough and as impressive as long words sound we don't want to cause any unnecessary confusion or disconnect with long-winded medical terms. They’re just old fashioned and there to scare you!

Six Physio uses a pretty unique and simple concept that has a different twist on modern physiotherapy. It’s tried and tested and very, very effective.

Physiotherapy has historically been all about 1 physio doing 2 things to you, all in one very rushed session. That’s one person pushing you this way and that whilst simultaneously suggesting a few strengthening exercises that you’ll most likely forget. We have stacks of sound evidence to suggest there’s a much better and faster way to get you really better.

The first Physio you'll meet is a manual therapist. They'll assess, diagnose and clinically reason what's causing the problem. They'll use their well-honed skills and talent to work on releasing any tension in the muscles and joints relevant to causing your problem. Often this will be well away from where your pain is. When they feel you are starting to move better with less pain they'll refer you to another Physio.

This second Physio is a rehab specialist. This is the really important one. They'll provide a movement diagnosis to concur with the manual therapist. It follows that if you’re now moving better, with less pain, that you’re ready to be coached how best to sit, stand and move correctly, basic preventive skills that will not only improve your stability and control but prevent future problems.

We think that our rehab physios are the best in the land.

This is teamwork at its most seamless. It revolves around you and is lead by us. We want you to fully understand what is wrong and what you need to do to get better.