Six Pilates

Six Physio has a distinct approach to Pilates. We were the first private clinic in London to run Pilates classes back in the 80's.

Our classes are different, very different. Our group classes are tailored to your individual needs and requirements at each visit, so that every time you come in we will ensure your body gets exactly what it needs.

We only hire experienced Physiotherapists trained in Pilates to teach in our Pilates studios: we dig the bloke that started it, but can't understand how you'd let anyone who can’t relate your pain and pathology to your problem come anywhere near you!

Our philosophy explained...

Reformer Pilates

All new patients must attend an Initial Assessment and Introductory Session prior to commencing classes.  

  • We use real-time ultrasound to assess and retrain your deep core muscles, and work out your specific body and conditioning needs. 
  • Your physio will email you a tailored program to get started with.

What happens next...

We make clear recommendations as to which class will be most suited to you, or whether it is best to have a course of 1:1 sessions. 

  • Group classes are tailored to you - class sizes are small but friendly, typically 3 patients to 1 physio.
  • We feel this is essential to getting the most out of Pilates, it’s what sets us apart from the larger group choreographed classes. 
  • Our physios get to know you: they ask you how you are, how your body is. We keep a record of each of your classes.
  • We always work on your specific rehab needs.
  • At Six Physio we won't just have you doing mat work in these classes; our studios are beautiful and full of all the latest Pilates kit.
  • We can incorporate specific sports conditioning into your class, whether you are training for a marathon, triathlon, or for skiing. 
  • Six Physio specifically cater for pregnancy (pre and post!) within our standard classes - we just need you to fill in our medical questionnaire and attend with approval from your GP. 
  • Individual sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and are available by appointment at all times outside of our scheduled classes.
  • 1:1s are great if you are totally new to Pilates, as a re-focussing session, or as ongoing sessions should you prefer.

We run over 230 classes per week from 9 of our clinics, so book now for your 1:1 Initial Assessment & then to find a class time that suits you, follow these links to the clinic timetables:

Pilates Fitzrovia
Pilates Parsons Green, Pilates Chelsea, Pilates Kensington
Pilates Fleet St, Pilates Leadenhall, Pilates Monument, Pilates Moorgate
Pilates Haywards Heath, Lindfield