Sports Physiotherapy

Six Physio treats everybody like a topflight athlete, whether you play, run or jump like one is another matter!

Our Sport Physiotherapy team will focus on your rehabilitation. From the first tentative steps post-op to the final stage required for your sport. We'll help coach, coax and coerce your recovery. We're not personal trainers, but we know lots who are: when and if the time’s right we’ll point you in the right direction.

Sports injuries can be new and acute, or chronic and ongoing. Niggles, such as tennis elbow that simply refuse to go away. The key is to really get to the root of the problem. Beyond the bits you wouldn’t believe would make a difference. 

It all comes together with hands-on treatment to alleviate any pain and stiffness to help you move better by taking the load from the traumatised bits.

To return to your full sporting peak and to fully understand and prevent any recurrence of your injury, you will also need to be rehabilitated.

Lots of our Sports Physios have specialist Sports injury masters degrees and years of practical skills, either pitch side or with the squad. We’re proud to have helped individuals win Gold medals and kept teams in World Cup Finals.


We will say that getting stronger will never get rid of ongoing sporting injuries. It makes sense to say that you need control of the strength, not just strength. Get the control, and then worry about the strength. Leg before wicket…