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Borough Clinic Now Open in SE1

Physiotherapy in London since 1996

Six Physio Borough is now open, our 10th Clinic, spreading our expertise to Southwark and London Bridge areas.

We offer appointments within 24 hours whether face to face at one of our London Physio Clinicsvirtually or if you’d prefer we can arrange a home visit.


Physio, massage, machine-based Pilates, plus a range of specialist services.

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It might sound like bragging rights, but we’re pretty well known as we’ve been doing our thing for well over 25 years from our London physiotherapy clinics. We stand out because we do the really simple things well to get brilliant, long term results.

Being good at what we do is our norm – it’s our mojo, it’s in our DNA, it gives us the spring in our step. We believe that bad Physio is not on, ever.

We want you to get better and stay better, not just feel better (that’s the easy bit!)

We will treat the root cause of your condition, empowering and supporting you with the necessary knowledge to manage this. Rehabilitation is key, enabling your return to full function and happily managing your symptoms. 

Our reputation for specialist physiotherapy services in London stems from our renowned Women’s Health team, but fear-not for those who aren’t local The Guru is on-hand with musculoskeletal words of wisdom.


Over the years we’ve put together a huge selection of videos… from Exercises for Common Injuries, Pregnancy & Postnatal, a full range of exercises if you’re suffering from Back Pain, plus specialist videos for Runners & Cyclists. We’ve got you covered!

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