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Pro-golfer thanks Six Physio…..

Jan 08th, 2013 / Nicki Chick

Following a hip operation in July 2011, Hermione Fitzgerald has tried everything to get back on the pro circuit – from physiotherapy to hydrotherapy – but the turning point was visiting Six Physio. 

In her blog, Hermione tells all…….

"Following a steroid injection in the summer of 2012, Mr Khanduja suggested I visit Six Physio. It was probably the turning point. I met Naomi and Beth, and from then on I started to feel more positive that I would get better. Since the end of June I have been going to Harley Street as much as I can. Twice a week when possible, and it has most certainly been well worth it. I see Beth and Naomi: Beth does all the relief work, and Naomi does the rehab. I’ve never been anywhere where you have two physios, but thanks to Beth, Naomi and later Ailish I have made significant improvements.

I am no longer on strong horrible medication, and most of the time I’m in a lot less pain than I was only a few months ago. I’m not a hundred percent better but I’m slowly getting there. In September I hit a golf ball again, and was again pleasantly surprised at how well it went."

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