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Marathon des Sables: training in the cold

Jan 22nd, 2015 / Nicki Chick

Training over Xmas has gone very well and I am increasing the mileage to around 45- 50 miles per week. Visited Poland where it got down to about -8c sometimes, so a little icy & snowy in places but lovely running in the woods and parks. Even fitted in a local Park Run to see what speed I still had. Was pleased to achieve 21mins for the 5km on a twisty , icy course and considering all the longs runs lately, not too bad an effort. Not quite MDS conditions but the fitness is definitely increasing and I'm staying injury free. So training continued through the holiday period, but there was still time for lots of great local food, especially the cakes and a few "little" drinks. Always important to maintain a balance during the training.

From now on my schedule will be long runs on Saturday of at least marathon distance or beyond, backed up with another long run on Sunday to get used to running on tired legs, and 3 or 4 mid week 1 hour runs.

Whilst the weather maybe a bit damp and cold, once you are out there and warmed up, it's actually not too bad.  The hardest part is just getting out the door. The days are even getting longer now so all good.


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