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FIX YOU! Kelly is back with more advice.

May 13th 2013

Kelly Robinson is back with this month's advice in Men's Running Magazine...... The topic is ITBS - a very common injury for runners. Kelly explains how to Avoid ITBS with some great…

Can antibiotics cure back pain?

May 9th 2013

The news that antibiotics can cure backpain is amazing The evidence that's been presented is pretty compelling. Matt Todman, the Clinical Director of Six Physio is one of only a…

Puffy hands, Creaky Fingers, Ganglion cysts?

Apr 3rd 2013

Six Physio's Hand Clinic can help with all of these - The Daily Mail has run a series of articles recently, taking advice from us: The possible causes of Puffy…

Running a spring marathon?

Apr 2nd 2013

Matt Todman will be answering your questions live on this Friday, 5th April from 1 - 2pm. Are you running a half or full marathon? Maybe getting a few niggles…

Kelly is back with more advice in Men’s Running Magazine

Mar 7th 2013

This month's FIX YOU column gives you advice on Overcoming Instep Pain: Question: My right instep is quite painful, just below the ankle. The pain seems to go after a mile…

Kelly Robinson is the resident Physio in Men’s Running Magazine…..

Jan 28th 2013

I have sore knees after runs on tarmac, but never really on trails. It’s primarily my left knee, just below my kneecap. It feels like it’s bruised to touch for…

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