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Your Pelvic floor is for Life!

Jan 05th, 2017 / Nicki Chick

Jenny Constable shares some Pelvic Floor exercises… they’re not just for pregnancy!

All you hear about in pregnancy is “are you doing your pelvic floor exercises?” When asked this, I think most women nod frantically because they think they should know how to do it but in reality inside they are thinking “how do I know if I am doing them right?”

It is important to remember that the pelvic floor is a muscle, just like in your leg.  If you don’t use it, you will lose it. These are the wise words from Jenny Constable who is a specialist physiotherapist who specialises in the pelvic floor. Jenny came to see me at My Baba after an introduction from my obstetrician, and there is literally nothing this lady doesn’t know when it comes to your pelvic floor. She’s kindly done us this great post full of tips on how to and what to. It’s well worth a read! Why not make doing your pelvic floors a new year’s resolution!?

Read the full article in MyBaba 3rd January 2017

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