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Women’s Health on Harley Street

Jan 17th, 2013

Women’s Health on Harley Street

Jan 17th, 2013 / Nicki Chick

We have a new Women’s Health Specialist: Ailish Toomey brings her years of experience to Six Physio on Harley Street.

1 in 3 Women experience women’s health problems in their lifetime, yet most are unaware there are treatments available.

We have 3 specialists dotted around London – Camilla Bouverie is based in West London, working from both Parsons Green & High Street Kensington Clinics, Jennifer Hird is based at Monument in the City, and Ailish Toomey can be found in Harley Street.

We have all bases covered, so don’t ignore your pelvic pain, carpel tunnel or incontinence any longer. Call 020 0736 0280 and ask to speak to one of our specialists, or send an email.

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