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It’s the work-out of choice… Pilates!

Jan 15th 2020

Everyone has heard of it, your fabulous friends and countless celebrities are doing it; so what’s the hype? By Hayley Lord, Clinic Director and Specialist Rehab & Pilates Physio at…


Jan 4th 2019

Celebrities prove being a ‘thin in three months’ mummy is the latest A-list trend Clare Bourne offers an explanation to Lauren Clark at The Sun as to how it's possible. 4th…

Get on your mat: Why men should do Pilates

Sep 29th 2018

It’s not just for yummy mummies. Men are taking up Pilates in increasing numbers By @Petabeeuk for The Times, contribution by Matt Todman 29th September 2018 If you think that…

The best therapy for Sporty Sorts… Pilates with Ailish

Jun 10th 2016

Ailish will ensure you feel the difference We're back in Tatler.... July 2016 Treatments: Fighting Form - The best therapies for sporty sorts Our verdict: Weak backs, poor balance and lazy abdominals become a…

Running Rehab: The benefits of tailored Pilates @womensrunninguk

Jan 18th 2016

Jennifer Bozon attended some Pilates classes with Richard Gonsalves Running Rehab... for Women's Running Feb 16 Working in an office full of runners, there's almost always someone complaining about an injury.…

Praise for Ria Atkins and the benefits of Pilates

May 5th 2015

I wish to praise the dedication and skill of Ria Atkins of Six Monument, who has cared for my right shoulder rotator cuff injury both in prehab in the autumn…

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Nov 5th 2014


Oct 23rd 2014