Physio, Massage & Pilates in Leadenhall EC3

Sports Massage

Call it what you like – sports massage, deep tissue release or soft tissue manipulation – does it really matter? We want you to feel better.

Back Pain

It's not very groovy, but most people at some time will experience symptoms.

Cycling Assessment

What you’ve got is what you’ve got and unless you’d like to spend more, Helen Cooke will improve what you’ve got.

Work Station Ergonomics

Sore backs, achy shoulders, fuzzy hands and thumping headaches are not the norm...

Running Assessment

Erin Lahay is our Running Guru at Leadenhall and he wants you to run injury-free.

Sports Physiotherapy

We will get you back on the pitch, in the pool, on a bike - whatever sport you're missing through injury, we will rehab you better!


Six Physio uses a pretty unique and simple concept that has a different twist on modern physiotherapy. It’s tried and tested and very, very effective.

Six Pilates

Six Pilates is exceptionally different: it's dynamic, personalised and progressive.

Our patients say lovely things about us...

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  1. 18 Sep 17

    Neil was really helpful and approachable, and my injury improved really quickly. I'd definitely come back next time.

  2. 13 Sep 17

  3. 31 Aug 17

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