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Physiotherapy In Moorgate

Our Moorgate physio clinic offers expert physiotherapy services in the City and East London. We help people with sudden, chronic or complex back pain to achieve their best physical fitness. Visit us for manual physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, sports assessments and Pilates classes. It is also home to our latest offering Performance Physio.


You will find us on the Lower Ground Floor at 4 Copthall Avenue.

This is right next door to Costa Coffee, and only a 5 min walk from both Moorgate & Liverpool St tube stations.

Please note Reception hours are Monday to Friday 8am until 4.30pm

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    Our team at Six Physio Moorgate:

    What is Physiotherapy?

    • Physiotherapy is the practice of analysing human movement and function and maximising physical potential through careful application of exercise prescription and manual therapy.
    • Injuries, illness, strains and sprains can affect anyone. Working with a physiotherapist can get you moving pain free and back to doing what you love, whether that’s walking the dog or running marathons.

    What does a Physiotherapist do?

    • Physiotherapists are experts in movement and use hands-on techniques and specific exercises to address any areas of concern. Physiotherapists will tailor your treatment to your specific goals and fitness level. 
    • They can identify and treat a wide range of both chronic and acute conditions such as; Musculoskeletal aches and pain, men’s and women’s health, vestibular, neurological and respiratory.

    Are Physios doctors?

    While some physios will have a Doctorate of Physiotherapy, a DPT, physiotherapists are not medical doctors. Physio’s will typically work alongside other medical professions such as doctors, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists.

    What to wear to a Physio appointment?

    Physiotherapy appointments are tailored specifically to whichever body parts are affected by injury, illness or disability. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing and a pair of trainers is ideal in most situations.

    How long is a Physio appointment?

    Physiotherapy appointments can vary in length depending on speciality and complexity. The average appointment will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

    Can a Physio help arthritis?

    Physiotherapy should be considered for anyone who has had a diagnosis of arthritis. A physiotherapist can help guide you through exercise programs tailored specifically to you to help manage pain and improve physical function. Joints are designed to move and are healthiest when they are used frequently and purposefully.

    Can a Physio help sciatica?

    Sciatica can be a pain in the butt (and leg) and is usually caused by a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve which runs along the back of the leg. Working with a physio can help you to identify any movements or positions that are irritating the nerve. Manual therapy, dry needling and ‘nerve glides’ can then be applied to ease the surrounding muscles, allowing the nerve to settle and symptoms to disappear.

    Can a Physio help neck pain?

    Physiotherapy is one of the most common treatments for chronic neck pain. A physio can help to identify tight muscles or poor muscle recruitment patterns. Careful mobilisation of the thoracic and cervical spine, manual therapy of the surrounding muscles and purposeful exercise can help restore full, pain free range of motion.

    Can a physio help back pain?

    Roughly 80% of people will experience low back pain in their lifetime. Working with a physiotherapist is one of the best ways to strengthen and mobilise your core muscles to get you moving pain free.

    How to self refer for Physio?

    To self refer for Physiotherapy all you need to do is give us a call and get yourself booked in.

    How much does a Physio cost?

    A Physio session at Six Physio costs £130 for an Initial 60min assessment, with follow-ups at £92. We also offer a range of Specialist services, which are £155 & £107 accordingly.

    Should I see a private physiotherapist?

    Seeing a private physiotherapist has many benefits over going through the NHS. 

      • Get seen by a physio quickly and easily, no GP referral required. Our clinics can usually offer same day or next day bookings
      • Afterwork and weekend appointments are available, making it easy to fit physio around your busy schedule. 
      • We can work with you to determine the number, duration and frequency of your sessions. No more 6 week follow ups or limits on the number of appointments you can have.

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