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With many working from home or shielding we are continuing to offer Physio consultations and Pilates sessions from the comfort of your own home, using Zoom.

Or we can treat you at home, if you live within a certain distance of one of our clinics.

See our Virtual Pilates timetable below: 28 classes across the week, booklets available.

Opening Hours

Monday: from 8am

  • Tuesday: from 8am

    Wednesday: from 8am

  • Thursday: from 8am

    Friday: from 8am

    Six Physio Virtual Pilates timetable:

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    08:00Juliet Slade: VirtualGeorgie Adams: VirtualSarah Bentley: Virtual
    Karina Murphy: VirtualLindel Coulter: Virtual
    Lindel Coulter: Virtual
    Tom Corradine: Virtual
    08:30Geetanjali Karia: Virtual
    09:30Georgie Adams: Virtual
    10:00Amy Yates: Virtual
    Karina Murphy: Virtual
    10:30Sarah Bentley: VirtualSarah Bentley: VirtualGeorgie Adams: Virtual
    11:00Karina Murphy: VirtualLucy Burrows: Virtual
    12:00Samantha Barlow: VirtualAlison Hendrick: VirtualAmy Yates: Virtual
    12:30Geetanjali Karia: Virtual
    13:30Karina Murphy: Virtual
    14:00Anna Green: VirtualAmy Yates: VirtualSarah Bentley: Virtual
    14:30Tom Corradine: Virtual
    17:00Amy Yates: VirtualKarina Murphy: VirtualAmy Yates: Virtual
    18:00Lucy Burrows: Virtual

    Equipment Class:

    1 hour. 10 for 9 Booklets avail

    Express Equipment:

    45 min. 10 for 9 Booklets avail

    Lindfield Pilates:

    1 hour. Booklets of 6 @ 10% off

    Virtual Classes:

    45 mins. Booklets avail

    Services at Six Physio Virtual:

    Our team at Six Physio Virtual:

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