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Back pain & Pilates

Feb 03rd, 2019

Hi there,


I was treated at the Moorgate branch a few months ago, with a few round of physio. I have now had an MRI as the pain has persisted and have been told by the consultant I need to do something closer to Pilates to build up the strength around my lower back (the only other option are steroid injections, which I want to avoid). I recall there was an option for Pilates at this branch but cannot see it online. Please could you send through more information.


This will all be through AXA, so please send through any information this healthcare provider may request in order to authorise the treatment.


Many thanks,


Feb 03rd, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Maria


Yes – we’d do lots of Pilates at Moorgate, and all the instructors are Physios so they can related your pain to your dysfunction and make sure you do they right stuff.


You can find information for our Six Pilates and in info for our clinic is here Moorgate Clinic


The Guru

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