Bas has a slight lordosis so the Guru recommends thoracic spine mobility

Oct 30th, 2014


I’ve been suffering from hip and lower back pain for almost 2.5 years.

I’ve had an xray of the lumber and hip which doesn’t show any disc problems,
however shows a slight lordosis.

I’ve seen a few physio’s and a chiropractor and they have advised that I
continue to stretch and work on core strengthning, this has helped however
hasn’t elimated the problem.

My symptoms are as follows
1)Tight hamstrings and tight gluteal muscles which seem to pull on my hip
2) stiff lower back and muscle tightness, muscles feel tight when I try to
rotate my lower back
3) tight muscles around the sacrum/tailbone area, feels restricted. Can be
sore and tight if I sit and rock side to side on this area.
4) occasisional lower abdoman discomfort ( both sides) and feeling of stiff
hip flexors at the front of the hip

All this brings a sense of weakness and muscle soreness.

Would be grateful if you could provide some tips to help me solve these
ongoing problems.


Oct 30th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Bas


You’ve lots of differing symptoms, which are really impinging on your life but I think you’ve most likely only got a singular cause. This is the key to getting better.


Must say X-ray doesn’t really mean a lot – MRI may or may not shed more light on the whys.


I think though I’d stop all stretching. I’d be amazed if stiff joints are the cause of your problems. It’s much more likely that you’ve got a really mobile lumbar spine (compared to a relatively stiffer thoracic spine). Your hammies and gluts are stiff not tight- they are trying to protect your lumbar spine. Tightness here tends to suggest that you’ve got really loose and weak gluts and hip flexor which I know you don’t 😉


The stiffness you feel are stiff muscles trying to protect your lumbar spine – if you stretch this stiffness away, you make the joints more mobile which will make the muscles even stiffer, tomorrow.


Really work on getting your thoracic spine more mobile and get your lumbar spine more stable, but not stronger.


Posture when sitting, walking and standing are key – and it’s really simple stuff. Lifting your chest up is a great cue.


Try sitting with a rolled towel in the small of your back – we’ve got some great videos coming out soon to show you how.


Glut stability, lower limb control and single leg balance are also key.


Hope this helps

The Guru

Six Physio

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