Beckah pokes her chin out too much

Apr 25th, 2017

I’ve had off and on “cricks” in my neck for years but have had them
closer together lately and the passed week my neck pain has been constant.

The pain is only on the left side at the base of my skull. Sometimes, but not
always it radiates down my neck into my shoulder. It is better with 800mg
motrin and possibly with movement.

Any ideas what this could be? Thank you.

Apr 25th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Beckah

​You’ve nicely explained the chronicity of symptoms, if you don’t deal with the cause, but just hope the symptoms disappear, over time it gangs up on you and you get and stay worse for longer.

The Motrin tells you that you’ve got an ongoing inflammatory process (something is doing far too much) because something else is doing far too little.

You poke your chin out too much (posture!) because you don’t or can’t move enough through your stiff thoracic spine. You may (or may not) feel any stiffness at all because if the joints don’t move (especially backwards into extension) then they will give off any movement signals….and if you do feel stiff it’s generally because your neck moves too much and the muscles that support your neck (which run over your thoracic spine) stiffen to protect  your neck.

Stop chasing symptoms, cause change.

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