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Ben needs to improve his gym posture

Apr 28th, 2016

I want to check to see if a physio session is suitable as I have had a
reoccurring neck issue which is very painful and I think originally caused by
some gym work.  The pain is in my left trap and the top of my back / start of
my neck and I cannot move my head very much without experiencing a fair bit
of pain.  If this is something which can be resolved with physio then please
can you help.

Many thanks,



Apr 28th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Ben


Totally – gym’s are funny places. So much good is done and undone in the same place!


The harder you try, generally the worse your control and posture are. It’s a delicate balance as the more gusto you put in the more you get out ….but the above rule applies!


You’ve really stiffened up your thoracic spine and poked your chin out as a compensation. This compresses joints in your neck, making movement really painful.


You need to try improve your gym posture, do more control biased stuff, definitely try this #worldsgreateststretch and lots of thoracic mobility, not cervical stuff.


Give it a bash and if there’s no change in a few days then see a Physio.

The Guru

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