Bethany has Scheuermann’s disease

Jul 31st, 2017

I was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease aged 12, and suffer from both hyper kyphosis and lumbar lordosis.

Please can you recommend me some exercises to help reduce these spinal curvatures and strengthen the muscles that are weak with these conditions?

Thank you very much.

Jul 31st, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Bethany

There’s lots you can do – your curves may or may not be attributable to your SD – it’s always better to deal with the cause of the issue and not just the diagnosis.

You’ve got to work really, really hard to reduce the curves and if this is due to SD, you can’t really do very much apart from maintain what you’ve got, but you can get stronger.

The best approach is Pilates, as trying to be specific is pretty tricky from behind a screen.

There’s lots of different home programs on YouTube, but your best bang for your buck is to go see someone who can coach you properly.

Give yourself a good 8 weeks of being active and doing Pilates a few times a week and see how you go at the end.

The Guru

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