Broken, but not down!

Jan 12th, 2014

Anne asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

A sports accident resulted in fractures and soft tissue damage, much of which was not identified until months after the event. Fractures were in cervical and lumbar spine, collar bone and AC joint, with possible unconfirmed damage to the pelvic girdle. Soft tissue damage affected trapezius, rotator cuff, deltoids, lower back muscles. Also muscle atrophy resulting from immobilisation of lumbar fracture.

What treatment should I be looking for to get back to normal levels of sporting activity?

Jan 12th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Anne

The fractures are the fractures and you can’t change that, however the adaptation of the soft tissues can be massively influenced by doing the right stuff.

You’d need a 2 pronged attack. Hands on manual therapy to get you and give you the ability to move better with less restriction/pain and secondly great functional, load bearing specific stability based rehab to keep you moving better – now and long term. Pilates would also be a great adjunct and carry on to compliment any specific sports training at a later date.

I’d be wary of strength training per se too soon in your rehab program without establishing a good multidirectional stability base. Basically don’t worry about getting stronger, yet!

Hope this helps

The Guru

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