Case Study- Headache and Nausea

Jan 09th, 2014

A 28-year old marketing executive had a history of headache for 2 days with the pain radiating to the right eye and forehead, nausea and some visual disturbance. The headache had not responded to medication. She had previously described stiffness in the upper back neck region, worsened by long hours at her desk.

The headache responded immediately to mobilisation of the cervical spine (upper neck), acupuncture applied to the trigger points in the neck and shoulder muscles, soft tissue release techniques, and thoracic (mid back) mobilisation. She was reviewed the next day and described the headache as being significantly better, with only a vague feeling remaining. Following the second treatment the headache was completely resolved and she was referred for rehabilitation to address the longstanding muscle and postural imbalances.

Rehabilitation assessment revealed tightness in the upper back/neck muscles, a forward position of the head on the spine, stiffness in the thoracic spine and reduced core stability through the abdominals and gluteal muscles. She was educated and provided with essential postural retraining and ergonomic advice and coached through a program of exercises which specifically addressed her muscle imbalances and spinal stiffness, and which could be practised at home.She was also given corrective exercises, which were easily incorporated through her work day and advice on cardio-vascular exercise.

Jan 09th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

She now has the tools to manage the demands of being desk- based for long hours.

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