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Chris is suffering from back tension post a slipped disk

Apr 21st, 2016


i think i am suffering from over tight Diaphragm and or Psoas muscles.

Getting mid back tension, pains in my groin whilst walking, pain is worse when standing still. After walking for 20 mins or so sometimes less i get very short of breath, this causes me to upper chest breath which in turn causes pain in upper trap and rhs shoulder blade.

I slipped a disk in November which is doing very well, physio at the time helped a great deal with the disk issue. However the symptoms described above have been exaggerated with the core strengthening i have been doing.

Recently have been suffering with sore abdomen, pubic bone,  thighs, knees and aching arches as well as the tops of my feet. I am thinking that something i am doing within my core strengthening is reinforcing a muscular imbalance somewhere which is causing the pain i am getting in my feet, knees , thighs, lower back mid back, shoulders, chest pain shortness of breath tingling in arms and hands ect.

Is this something you guys at physio 6 can help me with? this has been going on for a while with many people failing to be of any use.



Apr 21st, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Whoa Chris – loads and loads and loads of symptoms!


All very true and very concerning.


Does having multiple symptoms mean that you’ve got multiple pathologies? I very much doubt it. I think you are just trying in whichever way you can to compensate or cheat for not being able to move well enough elsewhere.


This is bizarrely common – symptoms don’t always equal pathology.


We need to establish the cause of your symptom and it wouldn’t surprise me if your resolved/resolving back issue may hold a key.


Your disc injury sets up a situation where the rest of your body compensates for it. If tour symptoms get better, but you haven’t addressed to cause of the back issue other (multiple) will/may occur.


We pretty good at nailing this – and allowing you to see the what’s and why’s so you can help self manage and cure.


Let me know what clinic is best and I’ll give them a heads up.


The Guru

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