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Claire is suffering from upper & lower back pain

Feb 02nd, 2017

Hello – I have suffered from back ache and stiffness for over 15
years. The stiffness is in my upper and lower back. I also get intermittent
left knee trouble where it gives way under me. I have trouble doing squats. I
am an active slim non smoking non drinking 41 year old with 2 children.

I have been seeing a sports rehab therapist and physio for 5 months during
which time I have not been working and therefore not sitting as much as I
normally do. In many ways I feel worse than I did when I started though I
think some things are improving. I am really down about how slow my progress

I am super conscientious about doing the stability and strengthening
exercises and movement strategies I am given spending an hour a day on them.
I also try to stay active by walking and swimming.

I am at a loss – why do I not feel better yet?


Feb 02nd, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Claire


Time to bale out I think – it gets my goat when you’ve spent a considerable amount of time (and money) at the hands of people who should know what are they doing, and from your description of going backwards over a 5 month period it’s time to call it a day. It’s also deeply unprofessional for the Physio not to question him/her self as to the lack of progress – and refer onwards, upwards or sideways.


You sound pretty normal, and yet despite for hard work your tiny progress is likely due to time, rather than an active rehab plan.


Let me know where in the UK you are and I’ll supply a better alternative who’ll be able to help



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