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Compressed nerve pain

Jun 21st, 2018

I have a compressed nerve in my lower back on the right side which causes a lot of pain in the front of my thigh and knee when I stand or walk. When I am sitting or lying it’s much better.


I am normally moderately active with running and going to the gym and my job requires me to walk and stand. I have seen the doctor who has prescribed me Amitriptyline and I have self-referred for NHS physiotherapy but I know that could take weeks so I wondered this is something about which I could book with you to get some advice and exercises.

Jun 21st, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Joanna


You need to know why your nerve is being compressed rather than just trying to deal with your symptoms – and the standing versus lying down is the clue.


When you stand, your stiff thoracic spine cause you to bend forwards and look at the floor, and so to compensate your slightly lean backwards – and this is where the compression occurs. When you sit or lie, your posture is less fixed and so you don’t compress your back as much…


You therefore need to get your thoracic spine moving and and then recruit your glutes (not just get them stronger) to help stabilise and limit the compression at the base of your back


Have a look at the back pain series – they’ll be some great rehab tips in there for you.


The Guru

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