Dry Needling

Jun 11th, 2022

Hi there,

Do any of your physios at your south west london practices offer dry needling please? And can treatment be given at the first appointment?

I am in a lot of pain with sciatica/piriformis syndrome and as I know this has worked for me previously I want to ensure that I could get treatment at the first appointment.

Many thanks, Lisa

Jun 11th, 2022

The Guru Responded:

Hi Lisa

They sure do BUT – and this is the bit you may not like, we only treat what we think is clinically appropriate rather than what the patient thinks is best.

Hear me out….

The symptoms you feel right now may are probably due to something around your back. Could be a joint or a nerve or a muscle, or all 3 or even a disc. You’ve had this before had a great result with DN but it’s returned – might be weeks, months or years ago. This sounds like you’ve had the symptoms treated brilliantly but yet it’s come back.

Now lets say we do exactly the same treatment, because that’s what you want – but that’s not what we think (as consummate professionals ;)) and you don’t feel any better. I’d imagine you’d feel a little miffed, as last time it worked…or maybe last time it was going to get better anyway. Some good advice, a little care on yourself by someone else, moving better…..all help in getting symptoms better.

But why? I think unless you know why you’ve got an issue with your nerve/piriformis and what you can do to help yourself, you’ll keep having the same issue.

I know we can help you much, much better – DN might be the answer, but I doubt it.

The Guru

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