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Jan 11th, 2014

Emily asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

I’ve had on and off hip pain for the last couple of years in both my hips, usually one or the other. I?m a runner, and can manage distances of up to 4/5mils with no trouble but anything over this distance causes a lot of pain and discomfort in my hip. I did a 10 mile race yesterday and was in pain from 4.5miles, the pain feels like it?s at the top of my thigh bone, in the joint, and whilst running there is pain in my lower back, behind the pelvis. The pain usually lasts a day or two after the run as well. It is worsened when I stretch out my leg, for example, if I am on my side in bed lying in the foetal position and move to lie on my back with straight legs this is very painful.

I am 22, a female and have always done a fair bit of running.

What do you think is causing the problem?


Jan 11th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Emily

It really depends where the pain is…in the hip joint, at the front and deep van either be the hip itself or referred pain from your back. If it’s more to the side and you can poke it (as in not deep) then it may be a trochanteric bursitis.

Rolling around in bed can also be more of an indicator for a back issue, as it take the load off of the joint and can highlight lumbar spine instability.

FAI (femoral acetabular impingement) is the flavour of the month/year and even though there may be a structural change on MRI, it often has a functional cause (making the structural issue less important).

What’s your simple knee squat like for control on the painful leg. How much control, rolling in, wobbling do you do compared to the good side? Do anti inflams help?

Because of your age, I think I’d go for an unstable low back with port glut control because you’ve got a stiff thoracic spine due to dreaded posture….


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