Is Pilates suitable for a child with hypermobility

May 25th, 2017

I’ve been recommended starting Pilates with my son who suffered whiplash
after a car accident. His hypermobility was a factor in both his injury and
recovery apparently.
Would you agree with this firstly & if so where do I find a Pilates
instructor qualified to teach children. – they seem to be  few and far

May 25th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Yes – absolutely.

Controlled, pain free motion is really important to show your son that he doesn’t need to be fearful to move – in fact the better, not necessarily the more he moves, the more beneficial it will be.

….it’s why we have our Physio’s teaching our Pilates. We have a guarantee that that they can relate the patients pain and pathology to their disfunction.

The children bit isn’t necessarily that important as you don’t want to over “medicalise” the Pilates or rehab but it’s the experience that counts.

Wherever you go or whatever you do balance, control and endurance are key.

Good luck

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