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Jeremy asks the Guru about a twinge in his upper neck

May 21st, 2016


About a week ago I noticed a twinge in me upper neck/base of skull area while
I was working out. I had my head resting on a bench while I was doing incline
dumbbell presses.  I stopped my workout and took a few days off to rest. Now
when I workout or do anything strenuous the pain is immediate in the upper
neck and it turns into a slight headache. I did notice that the pain doesn’t
appear until I get into higher reps in my workout or later reps when the
excerise becomes more difficult. I also noticed that when the pain does hit
me I can feel it in my ears and down my neck.  I’m just looking for answers.
Is this something that will get better with rest?

Thanks, Jeremy

May 21st, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Probably yes, but unless you know what caused it and why, it will return.


Normal chronology is it’ll get worse, last for longer with great intensity until you stop doing the things that you like!


It’s all down to your form when you are exercising.


Simply put the harder you try or the more kg’s you shift you loose your form – you allow your thoracic spine to flex, your shoulders to drop forward and chin to jut forward – this is then compounded by all the things you do day to day. Driving, sitting in front of a screen, using a phone etc.


You’ve compressed a joint in your neck (the pain) because of poor form and stiff thoracic spine. Stop the gym and you’ll feel better but you won’t change the why.


You need to get more movement and better body form – this is a great passive stretch but you need to something active, and that keeping great form and be posturally aware.


The Guru


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