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Jess has a tight upper back and shoulders

Mar 15th, 2017


i am currently suffering from all sorts really…
For a while i’ve been suffering with really tight upper back, and shoulders
which hurts to touch. It feels really tough as if i can almost feel the knots
(they feel like big bulges which move under pressure) It is very difficult to
hold my shoulders upright they feel as if they are being pulled forwards, so
that i am hunched over. I also have extremely bad neck pain recently, and
this has travelled up to the base of my skull, and is giving me headaches.

I was told by my last chiropractor that i need neck manipulation because my
head is too far forward and that this is probably what is causing the
shoulder pain.. ( I was also told that i have a twisted pelvis, not sure if
this is causing any of this).

Essentially, i just wanted your advice on whether to have chiropractic
treatment, or physiotherapy. And would love your input as to what you think
the root of all of this may be.

thank you

Mar 15th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jess


You’ve got a load of different symptoms, but I bet you’ve only got a single cause of those symptoms.


You don’t want to chase your symptoms, as they’ll just return but you want to change the cause of your symptoms – you won’t necessarily get immediate relief, but you will a get long term solution to your symptoms.


Take what your chiro says with a pinch of salt – if you predominately manipulate, then that’s what you’re going to offer, regardless of what’s causing it. But saying that physio means different things to different people – and not all physio is great by any means. Go see someone who’s got a great reputation and speaks understandable sense.


But you absolutely have to start here.


Try this twice a day for 10 minutes – do what ever you can do to get more movement in your thoracic spine and take the excessive load off of your neck and shoulder – they don’t need to cheat to move!!


The Guru

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