Knots in back and shoulders

Sep 25th, 2017

I’ve just been to a physio in Cairo and been told i have knots like stones in
my back and shoulders and need 5 x 30 minutes massage to get rid of them. I
don’t feel much pain, they said as i swim everyday my back is strong which
could be why, along with a high pain threshold. I twice this year cricked my
neck and been unable to move for 3 days though so want to get it sorted so it
doesn’t happen again.

Does this sound like it makes sense? I am completely ignorant so don’t know.
Either way, when is your next appointment in Central London please? I live in
Camden and happy to travel. (Fitzrovia preferred) Wednesday 5pm  4th Oct
would be great  if it’s free on the off chance!

Sep 25th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Shahinaz

Sounds like a miracle cure….

But don’t always believe in miracles!

5 sessions will not cure your knots – you can’t just break them, whatever a “knot” is supposed to be. I think it sits well in the minds eye, but that’s about it.

You sound like you’ve got a decent, strong, healthy back. Your cricked neck could be purely coincidental, and it got better.

I’m sure we can give you some great advice and some decent rehab to alleviate your fears.

We got time on Wednesday and time before that if needed.

The Guru

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