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Kyle asks the Guru about correct posture at his desk

Jul 13th, 2016

Hi Guru,

I work a lot at a computer and I have seen your advice on correct posture
whilst working at a computer which has been really helpful, Thanks.

I have what feels like a knot between my left shoulder blade and spine, this
can come and go but when it aches it takes around a week maybe 2 weeks to
clear, I also find it extremely uncomfortable sleeping on my left hand side
and sometimes have pain in my left index finger when I have slept on that
side. The left side of my neck can also get very sore in conjunction with the
back pain.  My main overriding feeling is that my left arm wants to be
stretched out to my side or behind me. Is this all related to how i sit at my

Thanks for your help.



Jul 13th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Kyle – absolutely. Same cause, lots of differing symptoms.


Stretching out your arm may give you temporary relief, but won’t change why it feels tight.


I’m pretty sure the feeling of “tightness” is actually “stiffness”….yes, they kind of mean the same thing but the tightness is dysfunctional i.e.  something else isn’t doing very much and stiffness is protective, this is what you’ve got.


The nerves that run down your arm are being irritated by your neck and working posture, because you’ve got a really stiff thoracic spine – in an attempt to protect the passage of the nerve down your arm, the muscles stiffen up, giving you a feeling of tightness.


If you stretch you just destroy the protective stiffness and your symptoms return.



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