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Long term back pain

Jan 12th, 2014

Iden asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

Hi, I’ve been suffering from back pain for over 6 years now, and i’ve come a long way since i started, but there is a persistent pain that i just can’t get rid of around my ribs, and I will give you a detailed case history if I book an appointment. I’ve seen so many people in the past, ranging from osteopaths, chiropractors, specialists, to physiotherapists, but of all the people I have been, only two of them knew what they were doing, and were knowledgable of their field. My main question is, how can you show that the staff at six physio know their stuff? I dont mean this in a rude way, but i’m 21, and the last 6 years of my life have been spent stretching, exercising, and getting poor advice, i just want to fix myself. Thanks Iden

Jan 12th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Iden

Pretty fair question really….it doesn’t sound as if you’ve had too much luck. We different, right from the start. We don’t treat, we cure. Anyone who has had symptoms for 6 years has been treated, but never cured – or you wouldn’t be looking for a long term solution….

We get to the root cause, way beyond the symptoms. It’s pretty easy to make you feel better, but it’s slightly trickier to stop the symptoms coming back by getting rid of the cause if your problems – which are most likely well away from where you feel your pain.

Stretching never will never help in the long term, it only gives short term relief. You need to be given the right advice concerning exercises which will include stability, control and endurance. No strengthening, no confusing medical jargon, just good simple advice.

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