Lorna thinks she has pulled her groin

Oct 17th, 2016


I am hoping you can help. I pulled my left groin about 4 weeks ago, no idea how. I am a long distance runner and rarely have any injuries or niggles. But this just wont shift! I have only run twice since I noticed the pain – most recently I tried a gentle run last night and it is still so tight. And this morning I was limping again! I want to manage my expectations in terms of timing if you could help? Also, do you think it is worth seeing a physio or should I just wait?

Thank you,


Oct 17th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Lorna


Looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks…..but I’m not sure this is a duck!


Muscles are great at getting better themselves as long as you allow them to heal, gradually and respectfully load them up and all will be OK.


When you do and they don’t, I’m not sure you’ve “pulled” your groin.


You may well have groin tightness and pain, but I don’t think the groin is the problem – and this is common stuff.


I think your groin is stiffening up to protect something else from becoming injury, your low back is a pretty good guess.


Time will make you feel better, but may not get to the real cause, after all you did nothing to it in the first place – so feeling better is not getting better.


If a Physio thinks this is a groin issue, and not something else as I suspect, then Physio won’t! BUT if you see someone decent who can explain to you why (and you understand) then seeing this person will be fantastic, and you’ll get better.


The Guru

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