Monica asks the Guru about possible tight hamstrings, which prevent certain yoga poses

Sep 29th, 2014

Ever since I can remember I have had problems stretching my legs (e.g. touch my toes etc.).

I do yoga on a daily basis, but I am still worse than the newbie who hasn’t stretched for years. I am not sure if it is a hamstring problem or if it comes from somewhere else, but I am desperate to
finally be able to do all those poses I cannot do at the moment,

Thanks, Monica


Sep 29th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Monica


I really get the tight hamstring vibe – but I’m not sure you can anything about it in the long term….it’s a bit like saying I wish I was 6 foot – I can stretch all I like but I ain’t ever gonna get there!


If you need the length to get into a specific yoga pose, then the pose is not for you. You can muscle your way into it, but it will lead to potential issues later.


If you really, really, really want to increase your hamstring length then do it by altering it’s staring insertion at your pelvis – you need to change your back position.


I’d do this via Pilates, not yoga.


See, I think your hammies are of the perfect length. Be happy and stay pain free. Stop all stretching for 6 weeks. I promise for the first 2-3 weeks you’ll feel miles stiffer and tighter.


But by the time you get to 6 weeks you won’t feel the difference…

The Guru

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