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Neck pain…

Jan 31st, 2014

Hi Guru,

I woke up on Sunday morning with stiffness in the left side of my lower neck. There’s discomfort when I lower my shoulder especially.

I go to the gym regularly to lift weights, but I always take care to maintain good posture, so I don’t think this is related to that. Besides, I was fine all day after my workout and only felt stiffness after getting out of bed the next day.

It’s Tuesday now, and the stiffness remains. Do you know what the problem might be, and how I should treat it?



Jan 31st, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Randeep


The stiffness is because upper traps are trying to protect and maintain the position of your head on your neck.


You need to know why….


Commonly your thoracic spine looses the little mobility it has due to prolonged or static postures. To compensate for this, the middle bit of your neck moves more – so you keep the same range of gross movement in your back, but the quality of it and where you move is pretty poor.


So DON’T stretch your neck (you’ll just get rid of the protection, feel better but will make the cause worse and so more tightness later), get your thoracic spine moving better and improve gym form….really.


Don’t become too stiff or bolt up right – you need to be mid way between and slouch and bolt upright. You need control, not strength. That’s trickier….


If no real difference in 10 days or so, go see someone who can get your thoracic spine moving better…


Hope this helps

The Guru

Six Physio


​Randeep Responded:

Oh, I forgot to ask, should I carry on with my regular workouts or should I wait until the stiffness has gone?


The Guru Replied:

All depends on the form…


It’s not the workout that’s the problem, but it’s how you workout.


The only rule is that it can’t be painful.


Go lower weights, higher reps.

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