Nicholas is an artist with pain in both legs

Sep 08th, 2016

I’m a 66 yr old working artist, standing for most of the day. For the last 4
yrs have had increasing and various types of pain in both legs from buttocks
to toe. Tingles, aches in waves, that start on waking….more recently I have
weak legs and a feeling of no confidence in sudden movement.

I recently heard a pop in my knee descending a wet grassy bank.
Now I have what feels like a stiff hamstring pain.   I can’t sit for long.

Working with my GP we have gone down the neurological route…….all tests
proving negative.
Do you have anyone the team who practises myofacial release?


Sep 08th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Nicholas


Yes, we’ve got some great soft tissue therapist who are brilliant with anything fascial.


My only bit of advice would be why you’ve got these symptoms? Having your myofascial structures released may make you feel better, but I’m pretty sure it won’t get you any better – and that has to be your goal?


At a guess, someone who stands all day and paints probably has a relatively “fixed” posture due to the concentration and prolonged static positions. This would be my starting point to give you the ability to move better – your stiff hamstring is probably protecting an irritated sciatic nerve, which i think is maybe responsible for your symptoms, and certainly doesn’t need stretching…


The Guru

Six Physio

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