Pain in tailbone after a fall

Jan 18th, 2018

I landed on my shoe accidentally while sitting down on the floor (it wasn’t a hard landing) two weeks ago and immediately felt pain in my tailbone. The pain wasn’t strong to start with but this week it got a little worse.

It’s not too bad and only hurts when I sit while leaning back and when I tense my pelvic floor (or buttocks) muscles.. I know it takes up to a month or more to heal but shouldn’t it start getting better already?

Not sure if it’s a bruise or a fracture.

Jan 18th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Mira


I’d be amazed if this is a fracture – you’d have much more pain and you wouldn’t like other things such as walking, rolling in bed, going to the loo etc.


You’re time frames are pretty good, and can be upto 6 weeks in 80% of cases.


Give it some more time and I’m sure you’ll be OK


The Guru

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