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Phil asked the Guru about lower back pain following excessive lifting

Aug 05th, 2014

Good morning Guru!

Over the weekend I did some lifting pretty excessive and i am left now with some pain right at the base of my spine. quite acute but sitting and standing are ok, just the transition is painful. painful to touch or apply pressure to the are. Should I leave it a day or two and see if it goes away and think more when I lift next or get it treated in some way?

Thank you

Aug 05th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Morning Phil


Thankfully 80% of low back pain will get better on its own without doing anything.


There are a few caveats around that, which I’ll tailor for your situation.


The transitional nature when sitting to standing generally means that when you sit you let your pelvis roll backwards and the top bit of your back rolls forwards. This is super comfy, but when you come to stand you need to reverse this, and this is when you feel your pain. This is easily rectifiable – roll up a towel, paper, scarf, water bottle etc and put this is the small of your back when sitting. So sit down, shove your bottom right to the back of the chair, lean forwards and put the rolled towel (etc) on top of your bottom, above your belt line. Now lean/sit back into the chair.


This’ll keep your pelvis in a neutral, not rolled back position so it won’t hurt when standing. If, when sitting it’s painful the change the size of the towel to either bigger or smaller. It has to fit you and the chair your sitting on and must be pain free.


I’d keep moving (don’t get stuck in 1 position for more that 40 minutes). You can experience mild discomfort when moving around (max 3/10 on a painfulness scale). Do take some over the counter painkillers (paracetamol) and anti inflams (Ibuprofen) – if you’re able to, and follow the instructions etc, for the next couple of days. Don’t slouch on the sofa at night and have a look at how your sitting at work. Chest up and screen in front of your. I’m not at all keen on stretching your lower back or legs if you don’t normally do that, and even if you do I’d give it a break for the next 5 days or so, regardless of how much better it makes your feel. Move yes, stretch no.


If you’ve still got problems this time next week, do let me know. Think when lifting – great form, and probably give it a rest until feeling much better…



The Guru

Six Physio


Phil Responded:


Fabulous response. Thanks for the advice!


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