Rachel suffers from piriformis syndrome and asks the Guru for advice

Jul 08th, 2015

Hi Guru,

what’s the best approach to treat piriformis syndrome when painkillers and stretching fails to resolve the issue?

Jul 08th, 2015

The Guru Responded:



Awful name for an (made up) awful syndrome – which is just a collection of differing symptoms.


As you’re discovered painkillers and stretching don’t really do very much, as they don’t go anywhere near the reason why you’ve got all these symptoms.


Your “piriformis” feels tight because it’s actually protecting your lower back, which has too much relative joint play in comparison to your stiff thoracic spine.


If you stretch, you remove your protective mechanism and so your body will replace it with even more protective muscle stiffness….you’ll feel a little better but never really get any better.


So, no muscle stretching. Instead try this- takes a little longer (as in 10 minutes) but you’re dealing with the cause to change the symptoms.


Here’s the video for you


Let me know how you go…..


The Guru

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