Right sided pain

Apr 03rd, 2014

Dear Guru,

I have been suffering from pain on the right side of the body. My right upper
back feels stiff and locked in and I am unable to use the right arm for
prolonged use such as computer usage or over head usage. The tightness feels
from the mid of the spine through the ribs and to my upper arms. I have also
developed pain on the right mid back which goes into the right hip. I have
done tons of physio, pilates, massage etc with no real progress. Do you think
this is something you can get resolved?


Apr 03rd, 2014

The Guru Responded:

towelHi Anita

Have any of your physios assessed/pushed/moved the front part of your neck (called anterior cervical spine palpation)?

If not this needs to be looked at, as I’m pretty sure this is where your symptoms come from. The reason why is your really tight thoracic spine forces you to poke your chin out to see where you’re going. In doing so you irritate the front portion of a disc in your neck that gives these wild symptoms.

Steer your physio to the front bit of your neck (it should reproduce your symptoms), get your thoracic spine moving, but don’t be tempted to stretch anything that feels tight. Why? Unless you confident of the cause stretching will often make your symptoms improve, but make the cause worse – feel better today, worse tomorrow type thing!

Stand tall, lift your chest, chin and don’t slouch

Try this for 10 minutes – painfree

…really sorry for the delay The Guru Six Physio

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