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Rob has symptoms of a pulled muscle so the Guru suggests an ultrasound then physio if needed

Apr 24th, 2015

how are you ? i have a question for you which i hope you can help with.

i have had this stomach muscle pull for a few months now maybe longer it used to go away and then come back but now seems to be with me all the time.  i have been to the docs and they dont think its a hernia they said to see a physio and maybe get an ultra sound.  i tend to feel the pull or strain in my lower stomach on my right hand side it seems to travel as well.  i can rest for a few days but if i sit forward on my chair at my desk and lean forward i can feel it go if i bend from my waist and pick things up as happened this morning again i could feel it pull and it has been there for most of the day although has settled now.  it has stopped me from exercising somewhat but i have continued but not at same intensity so think maybe this is not helping matters.  do you have any advice or what is or could be going on and what i should do ?

regards rob


The Guru Responded:

Hi Rob


So, it sounds low tummy area and more on the right side – can be made worse by bending forward but can be relived by sitting forward in a chair?


You can get pain referred from your lumbar spine into your lower tummy which is made worse by bending forward. You can also hernia pain by bending forward too. What’s it like if you cough or strain or try to do a sit up?


I think an ultrasound is a great idea BTW.



The Guru

Six Physio


Rob replied:

hi guru


yes all correct.  when i cough im fine actually no pain sit up ive not tried as did not want to  cause more issues ? shall i just get the scan not the physio





The Guru’s response:

Hi Rob


Scan first, Physio if needed, second.


The Guru

Six Physio

2 months on & the Rob has had an MRI:

how are you ? so following on from my email to you i had the ultra sound and MRI and nothing in the way of a hernia presented itself, everything was normal .  could you suggest any other options or ideas on what is going on ?


regards rob


The Guru replies:

Yup – as I think I hinted to,  is that this is most likely therefore related to your back and poor pelvic control.

The Guru

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