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Rob is back… asking the Guru for advice on his top back/ neck issues

Jul 24th, 2014

dear guru,

i wonder if you can help me or advise ( you helped me on another minor matter a while back )

i have some ongoing neck top back issues ( i think stress ) is playing a big part as well but hoped to get your advice. i did injure my neck back in march 2013 using kettle bells i pulled the neck muscle badly and did not listen to my body and tried to carry on training im not sure it ever healed and so i had to stop lifting weights etc. since then i have or get constant shoulder and neck pain and aches ( i had some acupuncture on it which helped to relieve tension ) this was earlier in the year.

i cant seem to pull or lift anything any more and consequently i never go to to gym now so any form or pulling or pressing causes me pain and or aching in my shoulders and neck the pain radiates up to the base of my head skull i can feel pressure in points there and when i do press them it can help to relieve the aches and tension. my fitness has slowly declined as im unable to do this sort of exercise coupled with stress and lack of time from a very demanding job. with this brief explanation are you able to help or advise ?

kind regards rob

Jul 24th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Rob

Welcome back!

Roll upSounds as if you’ve got a really stiff, but pain less thoracic spine and a relatively mobile mid section of your neck (as a compensation for the stiffness lower down) which causes you to pole your chin out excessively. 

When you do this you’ll compress joints at the very top of your neck (base of skull) and the muscles around your shoulders will stiffen up to attempt to protect your neck. Acupuncture, stretching and massage will only help, but won’t cure. 

You need to work on getting your mid back more mobile – try the attached stretch and really work on your form and posture. 

Get your chin tucked back in!

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