Silvio asks the Guru for advice about his C5-C6 hernia

Mar 04th, 2016


I’m a 36 y/o male, I have an Hernia C5-C6 since a year with a cervical and shoulder pain plus tingling on my right arm and hand.

I’ve been through lot of different therapies, medicine/cortison, acupuncture and physiotherapy for many months, without any changes.

On your website is not mentioned the cervical hernia, I’m wondering if you treat this as well.

Would be possible to have consultation on line?

Thank you

Regards Silvio

Mar 04th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Silvio


Lots of differing terms that means lots of different things to different people.


Just as there are a variety of symptoms but there is more often than not, a simple single cause.


In your case you’ve got an issue with your disc – the structure of which can’t be changed with non invasive therapy. However what you do with that structure ie the function of it, can be changed – that’s what we’re really good at doing.


There was some interesting research in 2013 looking at cervical MRI scans of healthy, pain free individuals. 80% of which had pathological disc issues and yet had no pain. Your disc herniation may not be the cause of your pain – but what you’re doing with it, might be.


I’m sure we can do lots of things online!


The Guru

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