The Guru advises on exercise when suffering from Barretts oesophagus

Jan 17th, 2016

Hi Guru

I’m asking this on behalf of a friend who wants to start exercise classes with me and I hope it isn’t totally out of your remit!

She has Barretts oesophagus, a severe reflux condition. She is also very unfit and has no core strength. She want to start exercising but is nervous.

Her GP has told her to avoid sit-ups. Is there anything else she should avoid if she were to do a pilates or yoga class, for example?

Thank you, Alison

Jan 17th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Alison


Poor girl.


There’s a fair bit that can be done that won’t irritate the BO.


Try to avoid stuff where she lying totally flat on her back or where her heads is lower than her knees. Avoid any sort of forced breathing out stuff or getting to (initially) puffed or breath holding/straining. Her GP is pretty much on the money.


Pilates (1-2-1) with somebody who understands the pathology would be a great introduction to exercising.


The Guru

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