The Guru suggests Alexia rules out a Hernia for groin pain

Oct 06th, 2015


I have been experiencing a groin pain (mild not acute) on the upper right
abdominal area. It might be leg related or a reflex pain as i usually
experience it after walking or running, also the pain extends all the way
down the leg. Initially i thought it was ovary-related but i went to a
relevant specialist and he concluded that it was nothing related to the
genitals. I also saw a GP who could not determine but ruled out intestine and
other abdominal causes (he said the next step is to have a full body scan).

I am looking to have a consultation or even treatment sessions with sixphysio
as you come highly recommended, so it would be helpful to get an initial

Many thanks and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,



Oct 06th, 2015

The Guru Responded:

Hi Alexia


Gold standard stuff is to rule out a hernia – a decent Doc with an ultrasound should be able to help you out here.


If it’s not a hernia then it could well be an MSK issue – what’s common is for your back to refer pain into your low tummy and groin. We should be a able to say what’s what when we seen you. We use a kind of “confirm or deny” process. We identify the cause of your pain, get this bit moving better, avoid doing anything the the bit that’s painful and then retest something you did at the start to see if we can confirm what’s causing the issue or not….


This way you can see what they cause of why you’ve got the pain…and if we don’t change your pain we try something a little different!


The Guru

Six Physio

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