The Guru tells Jason there is a likely link between his groin pain and tummy pain

Oct 01st, 2014

Hi Guru,

Trust you well.

I have been battling with a groin strain for the best part a month.

The pain is very mild. I’m able to jog with no discomfort. However there’s a strange pain just below my pelvis area…The pain was initially on the side of my abdomen but has since subsided and has gone down to just below the pelvis.

What could cause this and does the pain have a relation to the groin strain that currently exist?


Oct 01st, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jason


Yes – probably, there is a likely relation between the pain in your tummy and the pain in your groin.


There are a good few probable causes, which are very treatable – but more likely than not, I think you actually need somebody to have a  peek and a poke of your hip, pelvis and lumbar spine, to get to the root cause.


Your GP would be a great starting place….


The Guru

Six Physio

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